Texas Bills

Session: 86, Total: 7305

Bill Title Subjects
SB 968 Relating to the applicability of certain laws to open-enrollment charter schools. Political Subdivisions (I0588), County Government--Land Use & Zoning (I0098), City Government--Land Use & Zoning (I0064), Education--Primary & Secondary--Charter Schools (I0245)
SB 969 Relating to the operation of personal delivery and mobile carrying devices. City Government--Roads (I0066), Vehicles & Traffic--Rules of Road (I0860), County Government--Roads (I0099)
SB 97 Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offense of unlawful disclosure or promotion of intimate visual material. Crimes--Against Persons--General (I0170), Crimes--Against Persons--Sexual (I0171), Civil Remedies & Liabilities (I0065), Crimes--Miscellaneous (I0200), Business & Commerce--General (I0050), PORNOGRAPHY (S0379)
SB 970 Relating to the review and approval of contingent fee contracts for certain public agencies. Civil Remedies & Liabilities (I0065), City Government--General (I0060), County Government--General (I0096), ATTORNEY GENERAL (V2811), Water--General (I0885)
SB 971 Relating to peace officer training on recognizing and recording circumstances that indicate strangulation in certain cases. PEACE OFFICERS (S0007), Crimes--Against Persons--General (I0170), LAW ENFORCEMENT, TEXAS COMMISSION ON (V0986), STAFF DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING (S0317), Occupational Regulation--Other Trades & Professions (I0541), Law Enforcement (I0510)
SB 972 Relating to the requirements for a junior college district to receive approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to offer baccalaureate degree programs. Education--Junior College Districts (I0225), EDUCATION--HIGHER--CURRICULUM (S0257), HIGHER EDUCATION COORDINATING BOARD, TEXAS (V4280)
SB 973 Relating to a limited viewing of certain body worn camera recordings. VIDEO CAMERAS (S0786), Criminal Procedure--General (I0208), Law Enforcement (I0510)
SB 974 Relating to policies and programs that permit the use of public money to finance political campaigns. Political Subdivisions (I0588), Ethics (I0345), Elections--Campaign Financing (I0290), POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS (S0114)
SB 975 Relating to the compatibility of a high-speed rail facility with multiple types of train technology. TRANSPORTATION, TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF (V8796), Transportation--Railroads (I0821)
SB 976 Relating to the notification of a peace officer through an indication associated with vehicle registration that a person has a health condition or disability that may impede effective communication. Vehicles & Traffic--Driver's Licenses (I0840), Vehicles & Traffic--Vehicle Registration (I0845), MOTOR VEHICLES, TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF (V0812), PUBLIC SAFETY, DEPARTMENT OF (V0251), Disabilities, Persons with (I0380), PEACE OFFICERS (S0007)