<Witherite, Amy K

Eberstein & Witherite



Top Contributions
Amount Entity Office
$16,850 ActBlue Texas
$15,000 Battleground Texas
$12,500 Julie Johnson State Representative
$10,000 Nathan Johnson State Senator
$10,000 Beverly Powell State Senator
$7,500 Ken Molberg Court of Appeals
$7,000 Peter M Kelly Court of Appeals
$5,000 Redmond, Aiesha District Judge
$4,350 Gina Calanni State Representative
$3,500 Martin Jerome Hoffman District Judge
$2,500 Rafael M. Anchia State Representative
$2,500 Hamilton, Chris County Party Chair
$1,000 Staci Williams District Judge
$1,000 Emily G. Tobolowsky District Judge
$1,000 Gallagher, J Patrick
$1,000 Dale Tillery District Judge